'Dispositivo-hogar' is an artistic research that use ceramics as
a primary material to create spatial occupation devices. The objective of this project is to explore the concept of inhabiting a space and how this can be translated into the installation's physical structure.

Through this investigation, a material language was developed that accurately conveyed the artist's perception of space and its occupation. The outcome of this creative process is a series of unique and functional pieces, including a bookshelf, a stool, and a coffee table.

Overall, 'Dispositivo-hogar' is an exciting and thought-provoking project that highlights the importance of materiality and spatial occupation in contemporary art.

Atût Studio

‘Dispositivo-hogar’ is an artistic research project that uses installation as a language and tool, through spatial occupation devices in which ceramics is used as a vehicle material. This research starts from the question: What it means to inhabit and how do we translate it into spacial

From this starting point, I submerge myself in a process of searching for a material language that transfers my perception of this action into the objects with which I relate in space. As a result, I developed a series of unique pieces of a functional nature: a bookshelf, a stool and a coffee table.